For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Stewardship at Gethsemane Lutheran Church goes beyond our annual fundraising efforts. It's also about using our God-given gifts of time, abilities, and money to live out our faith. Stewardship, then, is about being a faithful caretaker of these gifts. At Gethsemane, our stewardship focuses on the life of the church and congregational family to help us be more aware of our material, as well as our spiritual, gifts.

Winter's Promise | Spring Planting | Summer Watering | Harvest Festival

With each new season, we take special offerings, above and beyond our regular giving. These donations go into our General Fund.

We also celebrate by hosting special fellowship opportunities, and that means some great fellowship!

Simply Giving

Simply Giving is generosity made easy. It's simple and secure, and it's a no-cost way to make a regular offering to Gethsemane Lutheran Church through automatic electronic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. Contact the church office for more information, or to sign up.

By using Simply Giving, you choose the dollar amount you wish to give, and you set the date of withdrawal. The system is very flexible. By prioritizing your gift in this way, you'll save time at bill-paying each month. It also provides a little peace of mind that, even if we miss a Sunday, our tithe and offer will be there.

Simply Giving benefits Gethsemane Lutheran Church by providing our council and budget committee with a bit of security.