We have some up with a new program, Sunday Funday. We send or mail packets (if you would like one sent to you, please email: for three Sundays and then on the fourth Sunday, there is a in-person class where we do a recap on the three weeks, do crafts, games (and of course) snacks. During worship there is youth time before our regular sermon.



Gethsemane Lutheran Church offers Daily Discipleship ( on Thursday mornings at 9:30a.m. for our small group discussion and devotion. While this is typically a women’s group, anybody can join.

Bright and early Friday mornings at 5:30 a.m., we host the Men’s Bible Study using the same study (mostly – sometimes they just like coffee and talk)

These studies help us connect the Word of God with daily life experiences and strengthen faith practices in everyday living. This Discipleship follows our three-year bible rotation.



Our confirmation is an affirmation of baptism making a promise to ourselves to live in God’s word, prepare to affirm our promises made at baptism and to prepare to go boldly and confidently to live out their faith in the world.

Our youth (grades 7-9) currently meet Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. during the school year for Confirmation Sunday School and once a month on a Sunday for deeper reflection. On their 10th grade year or after completing the program, they are confirmed.

Contact our church (320-573-2001) if you are interested in joining us on your faith journey!

For decades, our church has held Sunday School classes in our church building. We have held bible studies in our church building and in people’s homes.  If you talk to members, so many fond memories are shared but that was a while ago. Our class sizes have gotten smaller and then COVID-19 pandemic hit. All programming just stopped, just like that.

We had to completely adapt and overhaul our Faith Formation. What would it look like? What are we teaching? How are we teaching it? We dropped programs that required in-person meetings and then rolled to develop new ones in their place while using resources to meet family’s needs. We used this opportunity to talk about how we run our program while supporting our families. What do they need from us? What are they willing to help with?